Triathlete Robson Lindberg: Overcoming trauma and preparing for peak performance

Triathlete Robson Lindberg: Overcoming trauma and preparing for peak performance

Quite a few men and women consider the electric power of the mind for granted. We dwell our every day life on autopilot with no realising the great importance of mind function for the smallest items, like speaking or drawing. Nevertheless, there comes a time when some individuals, like Triathlete Robson Lindberg, are confronted with a significant lifestyle modifying incident, soon after which their day to day life can take a 360 degree turn.

Robson Lindberg, IRONMAN presenter, triathlete (an IRONMAN himself) and inspirational speaker shares his extraordinary story about defying the odds following a mind injuries, with Susie Perry, Dip ION Food stuff Scientist and Dietary Therapist as element of the Vitamin C Convention 2022 collection.

Traumatic mind injuries

Brain injury

Robson claims that sports activities have been his lifelong passion- starting up his very first when he was a single and a 50 percent yrs previous. However, back in 2015 he had a brain damage though taking part in ice hockey. From that level on, he had to relearn almost everything, from crawling to strolling, to producing- the list goes on.

The mind problems experienced some vital impact on his persona as properly. Prior to the incident, he explained himself as being really extrovert, but he arrived to realise, during some family members holiday seasons adhering to the incident, that he had gone to the reverse side of the spectrum, remaining incredibly introverted. This sort of improvements are not unusual: a review that investigated character characteristics following mind damage observed that 59.1% of people today experienced modifications in their persona next obtained intense mind harm.[1]

“20 neurologists sat in their chairs with their white coats on, and informed me I’m under no circumstances undertaking any sports and I am by no means likely to function again.”

After Robson´s awesome recovery, he mirrored on the response of professional medical staff, which built him realise: “…there is a stigma close to western drugs due to the fact it is deeply rooted in science and knowledge… if I was dealt with not as a statistical outlier but as a legitimate knowledge stage we would not be getting this dialogue, sad to say, recovery is typically ascribed to temperament characteristics or resilience.”

Robson was worried of all the alterations likely on, but there was a person detail that did not adjust through this traumatic expertise: his enthusiasm for athletics, which inspired him to get much better: “ …It was the scariest matter I have performed in my existence, I admitted to myself that I bought brain weakened and I require a aim, and that objective was the first issue I thought of: I want to gain the 1st championship of IRONMAN cup in Hawaii”.

What is an Ironman?


An Ironman Triathlon is deemed a person of the most difficult activity competitions in the world. It is a extended distance triathlon consisting of 3 distinctive sports:

  • Swim 2.4 mile (3.8 km)
  • Bicycle 112 mile (180.2 km)
  • Operate 26.2 mile (42.2 km)

Schooling for the IRONMAN is made up on five pillars: Balance of your very own strengths and weaknesses at all three sports Consistency of instruction though juggling everyday life and chaotic schedules Endurance simply because sustaining is necessary for succeeding Adaptability for modifying targets to your have overall body and demands and lastly Recovery, which performs an necessary job in the instruction spectrum. Find your upcoming IRONMAN race listed here!

Everesting: all you should know

Robson is an exceptional athlete and enjoys very an interesting sport known as: Everesting. It consists of possibly operating, biking or ski touring up and down the same hill until eventually you have reached 8,849 metres – the identical top as the summit of Mount Everest.

His schooling ordinarily consists of both of those reduced intensity and superior intensity durations just close to the cardio threshold, building up endurance. He started out with 1 prolonged 3 hrs journey a 7 days, and now he endures a 7 hrs a week ride, on common.

Bike route

This is a map of a tour he did in less than 24 hours in Finland: 628km close to Helsinki, Turku, Tampere and then Helsinki once more.

Tweaks for the marathon

Robson shares with us his every day existence tweaks for a maximised sports overall performance. He mentions that tiny modifications turn out as huge final results, for illustration, altering his waking time, sleeping time, consuming behavior and consuming green tea. From time to time he follows a very low carb, high extra fat diet plan and feels his strength stages increasing quickly. He has also made use of a keto food plan to lose around 10 kilos in 2 months. But the most important tweak for him would be including Liposomal Vitamin C every day in the early morning or night. Also, if he feels a flu coming up, he takes up to 3 sachets of Altrient C in the early morning to assistance reduce it.

Vitamin C, the star merchandise for athletes

Vitamin C has a lot of gains that have been connected to a much better functionality:

  • Can help cut down tiredness and exhaustion
  • Aids in supporting vitality yielding fat burning capacity
  • Supports normal functioning of the nervous process
  • Supports normal psychological function (mood and frame of mind)
  • Will help muscular tissues recover just after bodily exercise
  • Improves immune assistance

It is no marvel vitamin C is a favorite among athletes, together with triathletes and olympians these kinds of as Jessica Ennis Hill. Altrient C has also handed Educated Sports activities doping assessments so it can be taken by experts with self-confidence. Much more info here.

What takes place to our physique when we exercise?

“What large depth teaching does is that it exposes you and lowers your immune system, generating you additional susceptible to colds, and so forth..”

Even if significant depth workout is terrific for our well being, as we are stepping up and making use of our muscle groups and lungs, the antioxidants speedily check out to guard the system and acquire care of all those totally free radicals that are produced at this time. Even so, mopping free of charge radicals can normally leave other areas of the physique, like the immune procedure, much less assisted and with a lessened quantity of vitamins to aid it. Rigorous exercising is a stressful activity for the overall body. This is why it is popular for endurance athletes to have a tendency for higher respiratory tract bacterial infections.

Vitamin C and Psychological well being

Turns out Liposomal vitamin C also performs a large purpose in athletes´s life by having an effect on their minds. As Robson describes it, sportspeople like to optimise and estimate, and also set apparent ambitions to carry out when education. Thus, the a lot more mental acuity you have, the greater for accomplishing ambitions, optimising and accomplishing calculations and “vitamin C is absolutely a aspect of that” in accordance to Robson.

Vitamin C is way extra than just about immune assist and muscle recovery, what it can do for the intellect is remarkable: “I shortly discovered following getting it, 20 minutes later, a little bit of an uplift and a bit additional psychological clarity…” -Susie.

Robson Lindberg carries on showing his passion for sports activities, is now a father, an inspirational speaker and keeps on getting the most effective TBI affected individual. Adhere to Robson on: @silly7cycling and @robson.lindberg.

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[1] Norup, Anne & Mortensen, Erik. (2014). Prevalence and Predictors of Identity Alter Soon after Critical Brain Injuries. Archives of Actual physical Drugs and Rehabilitation. 10.1016/j.apmr.2014.08.009.