A Pink Penis From time to time Means Pink Scrotum Syndrome

A Pink Penis From time to time Means Pink Scrotum Syndrome

A crimson penis can be prompted by a assortment of factors, which includes balanitis, jock itch and plain outdated irritation from friction. There is one more cause, fortuitously uncommon, that males could want to look at, the aptly-named red scrotum syndrome. Even gentlemen who often exercise exemplary penis care could uncover them selves with this uncomfortable problem.

What it is

Crimson scrotum syndrome, from time to time called burning scrotum syndrome, is a serious illness which tends to affect guys about 50 — despite the fact that it has been uncovered in guys of considerably young ages as perfectly. When a gentleman has purple scrotum syndrome, his scrotum (and usually the foundation of the penis) flip a vivid shade of crimson. The redness is not typically accompanied by scaliness, but it is often associated with a burning feeling. The burning emotion can at occasions be very rigorous.

In addition, the scrotum and afflicted parts of the penis turned really tender to the contact. Sensitivity is heightened, typically to a unpleasant diploma.

Red scrotum syndrome is categorized as a variety of erythromelalgia (also referred to as Mitchell’s sickness), which is a vascular discomfort condition in which blood vessels come to be blocked, triggering swelling and irritation.


Pink scrotum syndrome creates a major degree of discomfort in its victims. In addition to the burning and tenderness, many guys working experience severe itchiness in the spot. Since of the tenderness, scratching the itch can induce ache. Persistent scratching may possibly in switch guide to skin peeling.

In some instances, the burning and tenderness are these kinds of that the contact of fabric towards the influenced location can be distressing. Regardless of whether clothed or bare, sitting can be uncomfortable, as the scrotum rubs in opposition to the man’s legs or the chair, and several gentlemen with the condition need to sit near the entrance of a seat so that the balls can hang around and not touch nearly anything.

Though the crimson penis challenge associated with the issue tends to be contained to the base, in some scenarios the redness does spread during the penis. This also will cause sizeable challenges, thanks to burning, itching and tenderness.

Gentlemen with red scrotum syndrome often obtain their intercourse life diminished, primarily when the problem provides on substantial portions of the penis. The friction on the penis connected with sexual intercourse can be far too distressing for numerous in turn, the movement of the scrotum throughout intercourse and its get in touch with with other overall body sections also benefits in a bigger diploma of ache.


What brings about crimson scrotum syndrome? Medical doctors actually aren’t certain. Some elements which may possibly be involved in triggering this ailment contain the use of topical corticosteroids, fungal or bacterial infections, and sexually-transmitted infections.

With so tiny data on the leads to, physicians are also in the dim on other issues, these types of as why it tends to happen far more often in men about 50. Some believe that that it may perhaps have one thing to do with hormonal alterations due to getting older, but there is absence of analysis to look into this possibility.

Since the bring about is unknown, some medical professionals advocate that a man with this issue chorus from companion-centered sex.


Doctors have a tendency to deal with the signs and symptoms as a result of familiar techniques such as moderate soaps and detergents, anti-fungal medications and suitable cleanliness. In some scenarios, doxycycline may well be suggested.

When pink scrotum syndrome contains the presence of an unnaturally pink penis, gentlemen can get some relief by frequently making use of a best notch penis well being crème (wellness gurus advise Guy1 Gentleman Oil, which is clinically demonstrated delicate and safe for pores and skin) on the penis by itself. A crème that already aids alleviate ordinary penile itching is encouraged those people that endorse moisturizing are very best. If the crème has both equally a higher-close emollient (these types of as Shea butter) and just one of nature’s ideal hydrators (such as vitamin E), aid from itching is most likely. It is really also sensible to pick out a crème with vitamin D, identified broadly as a “miracle vitamin.” The over-all overall health added benefits linked with vitamin D can strengthen the typical wellbeing of the penis, producing it extra very likely to endure dermatological troubles.