Ylang Ylang Essential Oil – HollyBeth Organics Luxury Skin Care

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil – HollyBeth Organics Luxury Skin Care

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil – HollyBeth Organics Luxury Skin Care

What is Ylang Ylang?

Ylang ylang (pronounced e-lang e-lang) might not be an aroma you know by identify, nonetheless odds are you have encountered its sweet, floral fragrance. Perfumes and skin treatment products and solutions use ylang ylang as an ingredient, most noteworthy the best-offering fragrance Chanel No. 5.

Ylang Ylang Necessary Oil

Ylang ylang oil is from the flowers of the ylang-ylang tree, which are indigenous to the Philippines and Indonesia. Steam distillation extracts the oil from the flowers in many batches. The 1st batch is extracted an hour right after the system commences, ensuing in the optimum good quality important oil. Several other batches are extracted at various time intervals.


Ylang ylang has a extended heritage, dating back again to the fairytales of the Philippines. When a pair asks the gods to give them a youngster, they get a daughter named Ylang on the condition that she under no circumstances know the touch of a man. One particular working day while choosing flowers, a suitor requires her hand, causing her to vanish. When a small tree commences to increase wherever she stood, the suitor names it Ylang-Ylang. This appreciate myth encouraged young girls to have on ylang ylang petals and spread ylang ylang petals more than the mattress of newlyweds.

Medicinal Use

Ylang ylang also serves medicinal applications. The oil is used to take care of malaria and other bacterial infections, also it is excellent for calming stress and immediate heartbeat. In modern-day working day, the oil is applied for PMS, high blood stress, despair, rest ailments, and also stress.

Perfume & Pores and skin Care

The heat, floral aroma of ylang ylang is a staple in perfumes and skin treatment. Ylang ylang necessary oil soothes discomfort, moisturizing dry pores and skin. HollyBeth utilizes ylang ylang critical oil in her hydrating System Oil and Flourish® calming perfume, as a result a person of my favourite perfumes of all time. These magnificent organic skin care products nourish and fragrance at the similar time!

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