Witch Hazel – HollyBeth Organics Luxury Skin Care

Witch Hazel – HollyBeth Organics Luxury Skin Care

Witch Hazel – HollyBeth Organics Luxury Skin Care  

Witch Hazel

Witch hazel is a native tree that blooms in late tumble in our mountains below in Ga. I appreciate the yellow fringe blooms that it generates. We use it in HollyBeth Organics’ Marigold Toner.


Witch hazel is indigenous to the US and used by Native Individuals to handle colds, eye bacterial infections, kidney issues, skin conditions, stings and wounds. Right now it is broadly recognised as an astringent and helpful zits remedy.

In the Wild

The plant is attention-grabbing for quite a few motives. As just one of the couple crops to go to full bloom in fall and wintertime, it is a single of the only food sources for insect lifestyle (flies, midges, beetles) that tolerates the cold, therefore keeping a monopoly above wintertime pollination—an exciting ecological niche! Witch hazel’s seeding mechanism is very unique. The earlier year’s seed capsules experienced at the same time as its latest year’s flowers, and quite usually 1 can listen to an audible popping sound as the seeds are forcefully ejected up to 25 out from the tree like bullets.

Animal Favored

Witch hazel is also a big part of animal everyday living. It typically grows in dense thickets, furnishing deal with for birds and tiny mammals. The seeds give food stuff for insects, wild turkeys, bobwhite quail, as properly as gray squirrels. Furthermore, ruffed grouse and white tailed deer feed on the buds and bouquets.

Pores and skin Treatment Advantages

Witch hazel is astonishingly useful to the pores and skin. Its pure astringent properties make it a wonderful instrument against acne breakouts, regulating oil creation and minimizing irritation. It also can help cut down puffiness and tighten pores and skin, creating it a wonderful protection towards less than eye baggage. Sensation oily or grimy? Witch hazel is a good pores and skin refresher. It cleanses and purifies, calming the pores and calming the pores and skin although carefully hydrating and restoring normal stability. Suffering from razor burns or solar burns? Attempt a minor witch hazel to quiet the area and soothe irritation. Want a products that conquers all of these fears? Click on in this article to find out HollyBeth Organics’ witch hazel based Marigold Toner.