Why Is My Vagina Itchy? OB-GYNs Answer| HUM Nutrition Blog

Why Is My Vagina Itchy? OB-GYNs Answer| HUM Nutrition Blog

Questioning what’s leading to your vaginal itching? There are several factors why you might need to have to scratch down there. Below, OB-GYNs split down all of the explanations your vagina is itching.

So, your vagina itches. Maybe it was so poor, you experienced to scratch when shopping for generate at the grocery store, or have made stealth practices for scratching in community. If you are left questioning “Why is my vagina itchy?” you are definitely not by itself.

“Vaginal itching and discomfort is very frequent,” states San Diego-primarily based board-licensed OB-GYN Kelly Culwell, MD. The itch can originate internally, as nicely as externally on the vulva, she claims. 

Itching is truly a sign of discomfort, adds Sarah Yamaguchi, MD, a board-qualified OB-GYN with DTLA Gynecology in Los Angeles. “Mild pain is perceived by the brain as itching, so when the pores and skin is irritated in that place, you will have itching,” she suggests. 

What is apparent, though, is that even however it might not be an alarming symptom, an itch in or close to your vagina is annoying at the incredibly least—but it can also be a signal that a little something a lot more is likely on, these types of as an infection or even an STD. 

Here’s what you will need to know about the will cause, fixes, and how to support vaginal wellbeing to minimize the likelihood of asking “why is my vagina itchy?” ever once more.

What Causes Vaginal Itching?

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There are so many distinct vaginal itching causes—from the benign to the “better get that checked out.” Uncover out what’s irritating you down below:

Moist Drawers

Your groin space has several sweat glands. Whether or not you’re outside the house on a scorching day or you are sitting down in sweaty leggings soon after spin, the dampness can trigger irritation in the region, says Dr. Culwell. Identical for hanging out in a wet bathing go well with or putting on pads or period lingerie for much too extensive, all of which aren’t very breathable. 

The Mistaken Lingerie

Similarly, sporting lingerie with fewer vulva-friendly fabric can bring about scratching, also. Lace or synthetic elements are notorious for irritating the vulvar skin, Dr. Culwell claims. 

Your Soap

“Vulva-area skin is just like any other skin, if you have get in touch with with soaps or lotions that are irritating, you can acquire itching,” claims Dr. Culwell. This is named contact irritation. It is not just cleaning soap in the shower to have on your radar, but laundry soap, much too. Scented pads or panty liners also fall into this category.

Hair Elimination

Shaving, waxing, or laser hair removing can all induce the discomfort that reveals up as itching, states Dr. Yamaguchi. You’ll probably come to feel this on the region outside and the labia majora (the outer lips). 

Vaginal Infections

Yeast bacterial infections and bacterial vaginosis can also give you a situation of the scratches. This may possibly feel as if the inside of and labia minora (interior lips) are itchy, Dr. Yamaguchi states. 

An overgrowth of Candida yeast results in a yeast infection symptoms contain vaginal itching, suffering while peeing, irregular vaginal discharge, and suffering for the duration of intercourse. 

Bacterial vaginosis (BV), on the other hand, is an imbalance of the “good” and “bad” bacteria, where by there are additional hazardous germs existing, foremost to irregular vaginal discharge, burning even though peeing, and itching and irritation. Vaginal odor is also frequent with BV.

If the signs or symptoms of the two conditions audio similar—you’re correct. Unless you’ve had one particular of these in advance of, it can be challenging to tell if you have a yeast an infection or BV. If you drop into this camp, you are going to want to see your medical professional, who can help you distinguish concerning the two, as equally are taken care of in another way. 


Genital herpes is a common sexually transmitted ailment that frequently causes no signs or symptoms, however you might see sores, pink bumps, or white blisters, or encounter agony or itching. These indicators can be treated with suitable treatment, which is why it is critical to communicate to your doctor if you assume you may have herpes.


Menopause does not instantly lead to vaginal itching, but just one symptom related to a lower in estrogen that happens all through this time is vaginal dryness. “That can bring about some discomfort that some females explain as moderate itching,” Dr. Yamaguchi says. 


1st, know that this is scarce, and you in all probability don’t have most cancers. That stated, vulvar most cancers and precancer can bring about itching that does not go away on an location of pores and skin or bump or lump that is thicker, lighter/darker, or crimson/pink. Irregular bleeding or discharge are other signs and symptoms. All over again, this is a unusual form of most cancers that will make up just .7 % of whole cancers in females. 

However, understanding that this is doable is significant. It is a further reason to get to the physician, specifically if the itching doesn’t go absent or all your efforts to decrease the itch aren’t performing.  

How to End Vaginal Itching

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At times, vaginal itch will go absent on its possess, and which is completely fine. But if the itching is persistent, lasts extra than a day, or is so critical that you cannot manage the urge to scratch or you’re injuring oneself with your nails carrying out so, make an appointment with your gynecologist, claims Dr. Culwell. 

Other signals that a little something far more could be going on is if the itching is accompanied by a modify in vaginal discharge (in sum, colour, or consistency) or odor, or if rashes or bumps are showing up, she states. 

Addressing the underlying cause—either by shifting up certain life style patterns that may be contributing to the itch or managing an infection—will support nip vaginal itch in the bud.

If you have experienced yeast bacterial infections in the previous and are self-assured that that’s what you are dealing with yet again now, then Dr. Culwell claims that you can go forward and attempt an more than-the-counter yeast an infection treatment. “However, we do know that several women misdiagnose on their own with yeast bacterial infections that are actually bacterial vaginosis or a make contact with discomfort,” she clarifies. For any thoughts about why your vagina is itchy, talk to your medical professional.

For momentary reduction when itching will get terrible, Dr. Yamaguchi says you can utilize an above-the-counter topical anti-itch product like Vagisil, but that’s only a temporary take care of right until you can get to the doc. “There is no way to explain to from just the indications what the result in of itching is and even immediately after we do an examination, we never normally get it ideal,” suggests Dr. Yamaguchi. 

You can also just take these methods to protect against a pesky itching vagina from popping up in the initially spot: 

  • Shower up: If you went from the gymnasium to brunch and now your vagina is itching, then hopping in the shower ought to acquire care of the uncomfy feeling, Dr. Culwell says. If required, you may perhaps advantage from gently patting the vulva dry or even applying a hairdryer on a cool setting. 
  • Modify your garments: Wetness in and of by itself can be irritating to the vagina, but sporting sweaty exercise routine gear in excess of a time period of time—say heading to brunch or to chill at a friend’s house—or maintaining on a soaked swimsuit supplies a warm, dim, moist natural environment that yeast thrive in, says Dr. Culwell. 
  • Relieve up on your hygiene schedule: “Keep it uncomplicated and never use a ton of soaps or lotions in the place,” claims Dr. Yamaguchi. Honestly, “washing with water is all you have to have,” states Dr. Culwell. If you have to use cleaning soap, go for a delicate, unscented soap and make guaranteed you’re washing the outside only. And keep in mind: hardly ever douche. 
  • Go unscented: Just like you ought to decide on moderate, unscented cleaning soap, go for unscented panty liners and tampons if you use them. Recall to improve them when they start out to get damp. 
  • Change underwear: Go forward and have on pretty lace undies, but make positive that the gusset of what ever pair you are picking is cotton, which will be light on your skin, advises Dr. Culwell. If you feel your itching is primarily induced by sweat, you can also search for sweat-wicking underwear. They’ll dry speedier than cotton, but are commonly created of synthetic materials, so it may just take some experimentation to establish what performs most effective for you. In addition, Dr. Yamaguchi suggests remaining absent from thongs, which can make it extra possible that microbes from behind make their way toward your vagina. 
  • Vacation with cleaning soap: When going on trip, it can be tempting to count on the soap at the resort, but if you know that your vulvar pores and skin is particularly sensitive or reactive to a transform in soap, BYO cleaning soap to suds up with your standard bar or wash.
  • Take into account a vaginal probiotic: If you know you have difficulties with bacterial balance, question your medical doctor if a probiotic dietary supplement may be suitable for you. Just one alternative is HUM Nutrition’s Private Get together, a probiotic and cranberry dietary supplement that normally promotes a healthful vaginal microbiome and supports urinary tract overall health.