Tried and tested: the best product for your dry and chapped lips | Skin Secrets

Tried and tested: the best product for your dry and chapped lips | Skin Secrets

If you wrestle with regularly dry and flaky lips, you’ll know how frustrating it can get all through the day! You have possibly tried out a lot of lip goods in a desperate endeavor to get your easy and gentle pout again. And we get it, it’s hard.

Finding a products that can hydrate and nourish your delicate lips without the need of producing irritation involves considerably trial and error, which is why we’re listed here to assistance.

Flaky Lips

Examine on to come across out what triggers dry lips and how this gentle and ultra-nourishing lip product or service can aid!

What will cause dry lips?

Skin layer vs Lip layer

Do you know? Our skin’s stratum corneum layer (the outermost layer of the epidermis) acts as a barrier to stop excessive drinking water reduction from our pores and skin. The stratum corneum layer of our lips only has 3 to 5 mobile levels – much thinner than our facial pores and skin, which has additional than 15 mobile levels.

There are also no hair follicles nor sweat glands on our lips, which implies that sweat and overall body oil cannot be produced. This will make our lips much more prone to dryness.

If you’re being in a region with too much sunshine publicity or cold winds, you’ll obtain that your lips have a tendency to be drier and additional easily chapped. Smoking, normal alcohol consumption and not drinking adequate h2o may perhaps dehydrate lips a lot quicker also.

Stay clear of licking your lips!

The urge to lick our dry lips is solid, but executing this truly would make issues worse! Our saliva is made up of substances that are applied to crack down meals. These may possibly wear down the pores and skin on our lips. In addition, saliva evaporates rapidly, resulting in extra dryness.

When our lips are dry and cracking, the speediest and most helpful way is to implement a superior lip merchandise that can assist to infuse generous moisture to hold them hydrated and secured.

Conditioning Lip Butter

Conditioning Lip Butter

The Conditioning Lip Butter does the task seriously nicely by moisturising, preserving and conditioning our lips. Formulated with 10 picked purely natural substances, it allows to deeply hydrate and glides easily on. Indeed, sleek like butter.

Lip Butter Usage GIF
Lip Butter Texture

Here’s a rapid rundown of the 10 components and their advantages:

Macadamia Seed and Coconut Oils
  • Macadamia Seed and Coconut Oils: Replenish moisture and avert trans-epidermal h2o reduction.
Shea Butter, Olive Oil and Tsubaki Oil
  • Shea Butter, Olive Oil and Tsubaki Oil: Soothe and condition lips even though strengthening the skin barrier at the very same time.
Beeswax and Candelila Wax
  • Beeswax and Candelila Wax: Soften and improve skin elasticity whilst fending off exterior aggressors.
Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Argan Kernel and Linseed Seed Ferment Oils
  • Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Argan Kernel and Linseed Seed Ferment Oils: Antioxidant-abundant elements to maximize our defences versus no cost radical injury.

Now, here’s where the Conditioning Lip Butter excels.

Some lip merchandise do incorporate allergens that may perhaps bring about discomfort (itchy lips, anyone?). The Conditioning Lip Butter does not consist of any synthetic fragrance, flavouring, colourant and preservatives so your lips get to delight in the comprehensive nourishment without the need of stress!

It will come in two refreshing flavours — Contemporary Peppermint, for days when you require a perk-me-up and Sweet Tangerine, which provides a trace of nice sweetness to your day!

Conditioning Lip Butter in Fresh Peppermint or Sweet Tangerine

3 unique ways to use Conditioning Lip Butter

Here’s how you can use this merchandise to make your lips “shine” with humidity.

1. Lip balm

Lip Balm

Utilize and replenish during the working day for moisturised lips. Pack it in your bag and deliver it with you to remind on your own to implement!

2. Lip foundation

Lip Base

Utilize a layer before placing on your lipstick/gloss/tint. This phase will assistance to situation and prep your lips for smoother software and avoid lips from drying out when using matte merchandise that may well be much more drying.

3. Lip conditioner

Lip Conditioner

Utilize a thick layer right before mattress to preserve your lips soothed and hydrated right away. Wake up to gentle and hydrated lips!

*Dispense 1-2mm of item each and every time and use liberally on lips.

Dispense 1-2mm each time


Carina Conditioning Lip Butter Review

“In the earlier, I did not realise the relevance of caring for my lips. Ever considering that I commenced making use of a layer of Conditioning Lip Butter every single night time prior to sleep, the fine strains on my lips are a lot less visible and my lips are extra hydrated.” — Carina

Yi Wen Conditioning Lip Butter Review

“I like applying Conditioning Lip Butter in Sweet Tangerine flavour. I often carry it around with me and implement it often through the day. I love that it feels moisturising and not also greasy on my lips. It even aids to lighten my lip lines with consistent use!” — Yi Wen