Treating urinary incontinence in men | Podcast

Treating urinary incontinence in men | Podcast

For some men, urinary incontinence can be challenging to speak about. No matter if you are dealing with leakage or a continuous urge to go to the toilet, it may possibly experience embarrassing to admit that you never have as considerably management around your overall body as you’d like. But urinary incontinence isn’t anything that gentlemen just have to put up with.

When we experienced physical therapists Nelson Coffey and Deborah Cuper on the For Health’s Sake podcast to communicate about this subject, Deborah produced a position of saying that 99% of her clients who get treatment method see their signs and symptoms improve, normally more than they envisioned.

But cure was only one element of our conversation with Nelson and Deborah. They shared a large amount of handy insights and details about male urinary incontinence, together with:

  • What brings about incontinence in adult men
  • How a doctor diagnoses incontinence
  • What to know about prostate surgical treatment and incontinence
  • Cure possibilities for male urinary incontinence

Get again handle

No matter the trigger or kind of urinary incontinence you’re dealing with, procedure can support you do the items you adore without the need of the pressure or interruptions that incontinence triggers.

“Part of what we do is assistance adult males stay with it in a graceful way,” Nelson explained. “There’s usually hope. There are numerous, many paths and approaches you can test.”

The initial step in obtaining incontinence beneath control is to discuss to your principal treatment medical doctor. They can assist discover what could be resulting in your signs and symptoms, work with you to produce a personalized treatment method approach, and refer you to a actual physical therapist or pelvic wellness expert if vital.