Transportation For The Travel Nurse

Transportation For The Travel Nurse


Most people think that the only way that travel nurses can travel is by car. There are more ways of transportation that can be used in different situations. As a travel nurse you can find ways to get to where you are going.

As a travel nurse, you may be wondering what type of transportation you will want to use. As you go about your travel nurse adventures, you will want to have reliable transportation. But what type of transportation will you use to get there, and once you arrive?

This article will share some of the forms of transportation that you might want to use. There are probably more ways to get around, but these are just a few of the ways. You can also do some more research to find out what other transportation exists.


1. Drive Your Personal Car

The most obvious way to get to your destination is in a personal car that belongs to you. Most people have cars of their own and this makes it easy to get around once you arrive at your destination. Personal cars usually cost the least amount of money to drive and maintain. This is a good idea when the drive to your destination is not longer than a few hours. You would probably not want to drive across the country for a short travel nurse assignment.

2. Ship Your Personal Car

If the drive is too long for you and you will be staying at your destination for awhile, it might make sense to have your car shipped to the destination. This allows you to fly to your destination and still have your car available once you get there. This can be more expensive than just driving there, but it can save you some time.

3. Renting a Car

You might want to fly or take a train to your destination and then just rent a car once you get there. This could be more costly than using your own car, especially if you will be there for a little while. It could be more convenient, but more costly at the same time. It will give you the flexibility to go where you want to on your days off, and you can choose which type of car you want to drive. For a list of the best rental car companies, you can look here: Then you can choose the car of that you want.

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4. Public Transportation

If you are going to work in a larger city, you could rely on public transportation. You would have to learn the schedules of the public transportation, but it very doable. In the largest cities, there are subways and trains that can get you from place to place, and in the smaller cities you can take a bus. The bad part of using public transportation is that you must rely on the schedule of that transportation.

5. RV or Tiny Home

This could take care of two problems at once – housing and transportation. If you are going to be a long distance away from home, you could drive an RV to your destination. You could pull a car behind you, or you can rent a car once you get there. Most travel nurses who drive an RV do pull a car behind them so they have transportation once they arrive at their destination. You could also rent an RV to drive. There are many companies that you can rent them from.

6. Motorcycle

This might not be the best transportation, but it could be the most economical. You could ride the motorcycle and have your belongings shipped to your destination. You would then have the motorcycle to ride once you arrived at the destination.

You would have to decide what type of transportation you need depending on the size of the city or town that you may be going to. You would not be able to rely on public transportation much if you are going to a tiny town, but it would be readily available in a larger city. You might want to drive your own car if you are travelling short distances, but you would not necessarily want to drive across the country in your personal car.

On the same note, you might want to rent a car if you must travel across the country. This would allow you to have a car once you arrived at your destination. It also depends on how big your transportation stipend might be. You might have a large stipend and would be able to rent a car, but you might have a smaller stipend and need to drive your own vehicle. You must decide what is best for you and you might also have another form of transportation that is not listed above. There are many more forms of transportation that have not been discussed.