Thrilling Activities and Excursions at Adventure Hot Springs Resorts

Thrilling Activities and Excursions at Adventure Hot Springs Resorts

When it comes to heart-racing adventures, you can find it anywhere, whether you’re looking for a thrill or a relaxing retreat.

The hot springs and resorts deliver a dreamy ambiance that draws couples and honeymooners. However, the lower level of the main building also houses the center, attracting adventurists here for onsite tours and activities.

Thrilling Activities and Excursions at Adventure Hot Springs Resorts

Waterfall Hiking

Hike to a stunning waterfall and soak in mineral-rich hot springs pools. You can stay in exquisite hotel rooms, backcountry camping, or a cozy yurt or tepee. You can even opt for a clothing-optional evening in the warm pools! This is truly a one-of-a-kind experience.

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is a full-body workout that uses large muscle groups. After a long ride, soothing your muscles in mineral-rich hot springs is the perfect reward.

For a day of fun and excitement on mountain bikes, visit the hot springs resort and spa with a bike tour guide. They offer camping, glamping, and private bathtubs with steamy, lithium-rich hot spring water.

Horseback Riding

Ride a horse and enjoy the natural scenery. Then, get mud-drenched in the mineral-rich hot springs and rinse in a waterfall. It’s the ultimate in luxury and relaxation.

Some offer everything for every skill level, including daily trail rides, cattle clinics, and horsemanship classes. The summertime also brings rodeo excitement with cowboy-style contests in barrels, poles, and Texas T.

ATV Tours

Explore the majesty of the desert from an entirely new perspective. Glide along cables that stretch past soaring cactuses and over boulders.

Enjoy a Day Pass with tubing, horseback riding zip, dining, and hot springs! They recommend this incredible adventure for an epic experience that will surely be an Instagram-worthy photo.

Fly Fishing

Whether it’s a romantic couples trip, girl’s weekend, or family retreat, the hot springs resort offers cabins, a main lodge, and revamped train cabooses for your accommodations. Soak in two geothermally heated hot springs pools, free for resort guests.

Soothe your body and soul by pairing a day of fly fishing with a soak in the mineral-rich waters. This package is available any time of year.

Rock Climbing

Relax your mind and soothe your soul with a soak in these natural hot springs pools. These springs are on private property and only allow a limited number of guests each day, so you’ll want to plan for a visit.

Try the guided rock climbing experience for a thrill. You’ll be empowered by the challenge and inspired by the breathtaking views.


A full-day adventure of horseback riding, zip lines, and steaming hot springs! Enjoy a water slide, cultural demo, and a roll in a volcanic mud bath before soaking in a natural hot springs pool.

Enjoy ten ziplines and an aerial adventure course high above the trees. Tours operate year-round and are great for families, couples, and weekend warriors. Make sure you bring a camera and good shoes!

Night Hiking

Soothe your muscles with a soak in a natural hot spring. These calming mineral waters increase blood flow and digestion while helping relieve pain and improve sleep.

At some resorts, you can escape into the forested wilderness and soak in a real natural hot spring. Guests can stay in a lodge, cabin, or camp and enjoy onsite hiking.


Soak in one of the resort’s two geothermally heated hot springs pools. They are free for guests and open until 11 P.M for stargazing soaks.

Relax in a natural hot spring right in the middle of Chalk Creek! Surrender to the soothing waters and rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. It’s the ultimate experience for those who need to escape it all.


Relaxation beckons at the state’s most accessible hot spring resort, where a mix of cabins and yurts (camping from $25; glamping from $115) lets guests sleep in front of the rushing river. The resort also offers a large, secluded pool with a rock lake for stargazing.

Family fun and games are available in the game room, which is open for afternoons and evenings.