The Critical Function of Sodium and Chloride (Salt) in the Food plan!

The Critical Function of Sodium and Chloride (Salt) in the Food plan!

If you appear on the Periodic Desk of the things, you will see that sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium are alkaline earth metals. You can tell by their positioning how interrelated they are.

For example, sodium is selection 11 on the Periodic Table indicating the variety of protons in its nucleus. Whilst magnesium is selection 12 on the Periodic table just 1 extra proton or hydrogen ion much more then sodium. Potassium is range 19 and calcium is quantity 20. These 4 elements are all correct next to each and every other on the Periodic Desk of Minerals for fantastic rationale!

Above the decades I have believed about the interactions amongst sodium, magnesium, potassium and calcium and have come up with a speculation that magnesium, potassium and calcium are all nuclear transformations of the sodium (11) ion. This is vital to realize when we contemplate why our blood is salted with sodium not magnesium, potassium or calcium. Even the ocean is salted with sodium for pretty very good motives.

The phrase method for my speculation of nuclear transformation is as follows:

sodium (11) + hydrogen (1) magnesium (12) or,
sodium (11) + oxygen (8) potassium (19) or,
sodium (11) + hydrogen (1)+ oxygen (8) calcium or,
sodium (11) + oxygen (8) + hydrogen (1) calcium

As you can see there are several versions on how the system can change sodium to the other alkaline things it desires to maintain its alkaline layout. Maintain in brain that this transformation of aspects is not a chemical reaction but a response, I connect with vibrational intelligence.

The motion of a hydrogen ion into the nucleus of a sodium ion is what offers rise to the alkaline aspect magnesium to help regulate overall body or even ocean temperature.

The movement of an oxygen ion into the nucleus of a sodium ion is what presents rise to the alkaline element potassium to assistance control the fragile alkaline pH of the added and intracellular fluids of the system.

The motion of a hydrogen ion into the nucleus of a potassium ion is what presents increase to the alkaline aspect calcium. It is by means of the sodium ion of the blood that results in calcium to aid maintain our skeletal construction wholesome and powerful. In the ocean, it is the salt or sodium ion that offers increase to the calcium that makes the coral calcium, which will help in retaining the alkaline design of the ocean at a pH of 8.3.

You see, nuclear transformation of sodium takes put just about every second of the working day with any vibration or movement, these as the athlete in motion, as the entire body takes advantage of sodium and hydrogen to regulate the entire body temperature retaining it awesome.

As 1 is doing exercises and as the system is heating up the physique will obviously great itself by transforming sodium into magnesium. These transformations will result in a blood serum reduction of sodium and an maximize in urine magnesium. Why? Mainly because the body is changing the salt or sodium of the blood to magnesium to regulate physique temperature! Devoid of salt you Simply cannot control your human body temperature!

This exact elemental transformation will takes location when the physique is attempting to preserve its alkaline structure at a pH of 7.365. When the system is bodily or emotionally stressed, metabolic acidic waste solutions will enhance. As metabolic acids are elevated from physique movement, these as when training, or when you are pressured, this kind of as anxious about your finances, the entire body wants added alkalinity to buffer the improve of endogenous acidity and it will start out converting the salt or sodium of the blood to potassium.

That is why we see, in sick, worn out, depressed or unfit purchasers a minimize in blood serum sodium and an increase in blood serum potassium.

Balancing the alkaline pH of the system fluids and bringing the physique back again to a condition of health, strength, contentment and physical fitness can’t be achieved with out the mineral salts and specifically the foundational ion of sodium.

Without salt working via our blood vessels and our oceans there would be NO Everyday living ON EARTH!

Just just one far more thing to believe about. As you know, most sodium will come to us as sodium chloride. This is by no coincidence. When you consume salt or sodium chloride the body splits these two ions aside. This is a matter of chemistry. The sodium ion is made use of as I have explained earlier mentioned but the chloride ion is utilized to build our blood. I give you the pursuing word formula of nuclear transformation of the chloride ion to iron:

chloride (17) + oxygen (8) + hydrogen from drinking water (1) iron (26)

What I am suggesting is that salt or sodium chloride not only retains our blood and body fluids alkaline but it also produces the iron that is vital in making hemoglobin or blood. So, when you a person is iron deficient the are seriously sodium chloride deficient!

To restrict or do away with salt out of types diet regime is setting the stage for ALL illness and disorder.

It is not salt that causes significant blood pressure. It is dietary and metabolic acid.

Salt is the daily life of the system! And, without the need of liberal amounts of total unprocessed salt the system are unable to retain up with the day by day onslaught of dietary and metabolic acidity.

This is why I propose ingesting plenty of alkalizing mineral salt and acquiring off acidic meals and beverages. When you do this, your wellness, power, happiness and fitness will the natural way enhance – devoid of medications!