The Anadraulic State GT Ingredients Revealed!

The Anadraulic State GT Ingredients Revealed!

Anadraulic State GT is quickly becoming one of the most talked about preworkout creatine supplements on the market. It has quite a lot packed into the single 16g scoop! What are the ingredients, is there any science behind them or are they a typical “kitchen sink” formula like most on the market.

The first two ingredients are pretty simple. They are called the “stimulant complex” which simply means that they will get you amped up in the gym. Caffeine is obviously well known to most people who like energy, since it is the basis for most energy drinks, coffee and soda’s. The second ingredient, bitter orange extract is one that’s also fairly well known, but Anadraulic State GT contains a special version that is promised to be even stronger than before. I have personally taken this version of bitter orange and I will say it does deliver on the promise for a stronger stimulant effect.

The Adaptogenic Complex is an interesting mix of ingredients that should prove to be very beneficial for stamina and intensity. Quercetin is a very cool ingredient that sort of does dual duty. It is an effective aromatase inhibitor, which should increase testosterone, but as a adaptogen it is pretty interesting. Lance Armstrong is selling an energy drink using only quercetin as it’s main ingredient for stamina, so it does have some serious backing as an adaptogenic ingredient. There are lots of papers on quercetin increasing VO2 max and stamina, so it is pretty interesting as an ingredient for endurance and to promote a more positive workout. It has also been shown in animal studies to increase fitness and exercise capacity, making it a pretty cool ingredient. I guess if it’s good enough for Lance Armstrong, it’s good enough for me! Schizandra berry is another one of the ingredients that is in AS-GT, and it is pretty interesting, it has to potential to reduce cortisol and increase work capacity along with potentially being an anti-inflammatory agent. It can also increase nitric oxide levels and anti-oxidant status in the mitochondria.

Cinnamon extract is the real powerhouse in Aandraulic State GT, which is an amazing ingredient that contains MCHP, which is a chalcone that pushes nutrients into the cell. This nutrient partitioning agent is what is the real power behind Anadraulic State GT and gives it the unique benefit of not having the creatine content bloat you!

Mulberry extract has numerous benefits in addition to being an insulin like agent, it may also have the ability to increase growth hormone, which is exactly what you want right before you get into the gym, since that is one of the main times your GH levels are at their highest!

The amino acid complex is a very unique feature added to Anadraulic State GT and is something I wish more preworkout creatine products would have. Amino acids are not the same as protein, they are the building blocks of protein, meaning that they actually act as a pool of nutrients that both prevent the teardown and increase the building of muscle. You don’t want protein preworkout, since it will most certainly make you feel bloated, so the inclusion of predigested amino acids is an amazing factor that makes this a key product in your muscle building strategy. Whet protein is the most well studied muscle building protein, but it isn’t usually easily absorbed. That’s why the hydrolyzed whey protein in Anadraulic State GT is predigested, meaning it won’t hurt your stomach and is immediately available to act as a key muscle builder. Pea protein is the newest and most exciting protein on the market, since it is very high in L-Glutamine and L-Arginine. This is also, partially hydrolyzed, making it very easy on the stomach and perfect for a preworkout drink! It also has targeted free form amino acids like Aspartic Acid, which may increase endurance and L-Leucine, which is the most anabolic supplement that isn’t hormonal. It has tons of well studied clinical trials, making it a key ingredient prior to a workout! Whey an Pea protein already have a decent amount of Leucine, but it awesome to have more of it in this potent supplement.

Estrogen control is very important for the bodybuilder, especially now! With the amazing amount of xeno-estrogens in the normal diet, like BPA in bottles, estrogen is out of control in our environment. You need to be thinking seriously about curbing the streaming tide of estrogens in the diet and in the food. Luckily, Anadraulic State GT has some really cool ingredients to reduce estrogen and boost testosterone, making it pretty unique in this capacity. Ellagic Acid, has an interesting study that shows it to act like the popular post cycle therapy product Nolvadex (R) by blocking estrogen at the cellular level. This gives the body the signal to produce more testosterone, which is a great thing for the serious bodybuilder. Resveratrol is probably familiar since it is the darling of the anti-aging community, but as a muscle booster, Resveratrol has been shown to boost testosterone in animals and increase their sexual stamina! Finally 3beta-hydroxyurs-12-en-28-oic-acid is a neat ingredient that acts like 4-OH-Androstenedione in the body, reducing the conversion of testosterone to estrogen!

Creatine is the basis for any potent preworkout formula and the king of all creatine is creatine monohydrate. It is well studied, almost 100% absorbed in the gut but unfortunately can cause bloating unless you ad in a potent nutrient partitioning agent like Cinnamon extract. Creatine monohydrate has been shown to increase satellite cells, which are the basis for new muscle and also reduce myostatin, which is the body enzyme that tears down muscle. It’s a key ingredient that many avoid because of the bloating, but with Cinnamon extract that is a thing of the past! Beta Alanine is a very cool ingredient that is shown to buffer lactic acid, supercharge creatine and increase endurance and strength! You absolutely MUST have Beta Alanine in any preworkout powder to make it effective! Creatine Malate and Creatine Ethyl Ester are two fairly new creatine types that don’t have the heavy science that creatine monohydrate has, but will also benefit the bodybuilder by giving some unique delivery benefits! Malic Acid is part of the krebs cycle and may actually help increase cellular energy, which directly benefits creatine!

The pSARM complex is a very cool and unique part of the Anadraulic State GT formula. pSARM’s have the potential to build muscle like testosterone without being androgenic, meaning you won’t get any hair loss or prostate issues. They have been shown in preliminary clinical studies in animals to increase lean body weight, increase sexual stamina and sperm counts! Meaning they can make you perform like a porn star in the bedroom! Osthole, can act directly like testosterone, as shown in one interesting study and Hibiscus increases body weight without any androgenic effects. These are really cool ingredients for the bodybuilder, who is always trying to maximize his testosterone levels, so anything that acts like testosterone is a good thing!

Finally, a small amount of carbohydrates is perfect in any preworkout powder, since they will fuel a perfect workout. Dextrose is a simple carbohydrate that helps increase insulin and shove creatine into the muscle. It is also very light and won’t upset the stomach, which is perfect preworkout. Carbohydrates are perfect when consumed in very small amounts prior to the workout, since they will give the body more energy to push past plateaus! Waxy maize starch may also help pull creatine into the muscle faster, but this is debatable!

The combination of ingredients in Anadraulic State GT is simply amazing and will give you the best workouts of your life! Although the research on some of the ingredients in Anadraulic State GT is preliminary, it is exciting and hopefully more studies will follow! If you are looking for a great preworkout to give your workouts more intensity and focus, you will love the Strawberry Lemonade taste of Anadraulic State GT and the effects it has in the gym!