Superior Speed Training With Kettlebells!

Superior Speed Training With Kettlebells!

If you are looking to get faster for your football, basketball, baseball, or any other sport that involves a ball training then you might as well include one more ball and that is the iron ball known as the kettlebell! Thats right, I said kettlebell training my friend. There are an array of speed drills that you can perform with kettlebells in order to propel your speed workouts to the next level! Keep reading if I have your attention.

Speed Training With Kettlebells!

Speed training with kettlebells has to be a MUST in your athletic speed performance training program. With this device you can initiate a ton of different drills in order to stimulate your body’s nervous system to respond in a quick manner in order to better train your body for speed. The only way to develop the trait of speed or to already optimize what you have is to work on the development of your strength and power. Every good athlete that understands the body knows that this is best done through primarily strengthening the muscles of the posterior chain (hips, glutes, hamstrings, back, calves, etc.). These all make up your sprinting powerhouse.

Even the most basic kettlebell strength endurance lifts such as the swing, snatch, and jerk all involve the muscles of the posterior chain and allow you to develop superior core power for optimal athletic performance. The key to developing athletic performance must include lifts and exercises that are primarily movement based in nature which is exactly why kettlebells work so well. Most every lift performed with this ancient device involves the act of movement up against the resistance of the bell. The natural flow and dynamic of lifting kettlebells allows for the tremendous development of muscles that are designed to promote speed and power. Another great example of this would be executing the lifts mentioned along with more unconventional styles of kettlebell drills such as dragging the kettlebells across the ground while back pedaling. This is another great way to hit the posterior chain along with the other more basic kettlebell lifts for the development of speed.

If you haven’t already started to include kettlebell training into your athletic performance training program then you are missing out. Take the time to do so if you are serious about getting results and beating up on your competition. Remember that most anyone can train hard, but only the best train smart!