Stress, Anxiety and a Holistic Nutrition Approach: A focus on Blood Sugar, Digestion and the Brain

Stress, Anxiety and a Holistic Nutrition Approach: A focus on Blood Sugar, Digestion and the Brain

January tends to be the most optimistic time of the 12 months. Quite a few are influenced and inspired by fresh starts and new beginnings…..nicely, that was right until 2020. As we all know, that 12 months swiftly spiraled out of regulate for the total planet. Almost everything that was performed around the airwaves was stress-inducing, to be confident. Heck, all of the information shops had ‘death tickers’ displaying minute-by-minute deaths in the course of the US and the rest of the world.

We then approached 2021 with renewed hope and optimism. But, that was immediately shattered, far too. Nothing seemed to return us to ‘normal’. Almost nothing! Alternatively, many individuals have remained paralyzed by worry. You get a minute where you assume issues are returning to normal…..and BAM….items get shut down once again. Back to panic. Again to nervousness. Back again to paralysis.

As we facial area the hopes and goals of 2022, what will the actuality be? Who is aware of? But, I’m hopeful that we’ve all found that though we just can’t command WHO, CDC or politics…..we can totally manage how we confront every single working day.

Sadly, more than the past two a long time, as we watch a staggering hike in anxiety, stress, sobriety relapses, and more, our health care gurus who arrive on Television set have not shared any doable action techniques to support navigate the tension or stress and anxiety responses.


The great information is that there are unquestionably foods you can try to eat more of to support ease worry and stress and anxiety. And I necessarily mean food items with dietary therapeutic benefits…..not junk food that puts you in a ‘carb coma’.  So in its place of commencing 2022 with the objective of ‘eating right’ or ‘exercising’, let us get started the new yr off with methods to strengthen anxiety and nervousness stages. Simply because, when stress and panic are handled effectively, we have the vitality to do the other factors needed to strengthen our wellbeing, from the inside.

What You Need To Know

When making use of nourishment remedy to increase worry and stress ranges, there are a several matters you are going to want to target on. These include things like:

  • Blood Sugar Regulation
    • Will help with worry response
  • Digestive Wellbeing
    • Helps with strain response AND mind perform
  • Right Neurotransmitter Production
    • Will help with mind function

Blood Sugar Regulation

Although it is uncomplicated to understand why lots of people today would access for ‘comfort’ food in moments of pressure, the truth of the matter is that when sugar ranges boost, it also boosts the launch of the stress hormone termed cortisol. When cortisol ranges get out of harmony, it impacts the capability to properly handle tension AND it depletes essential neurotransmitters that are liable for nutritious mind perform.

3 meals that you can include to your diet therapy regime to help preserve blood sugar levels properly-balanced include things like:

  1. Broccoli – superior in fiber
  2. Pistachios – has healthier fats to control insulin reaction
  3. Cinnamon – sprinkle in espresso, tea, yogurt, oats, and so forth
    1. The Nationwide Institutes of Wellbeing said: ‘The consumption of cinnamon is associated with a statistically significant decrease in amounts of fasting plasma glucose, complete cholesterol, LDL-C, and triglyceride stages, and an enhance in HDL-C levels.’

Digestive Health and fitness

A several years back, The Nationwide Institutes of Overall health introduced analysis that mentioned: ‘It has become progressively evident in recent many years that the intestine microbiome and the brain talk in a bidirectional manner, with just about every affecting the other’s functions.’  This tells us that if your digestive tract is harmful, it can effortlessly guide to the mind currently being unhealthy, much too. The great news is that there are meals you can consume to assistance your digestive tract do the job greater, which then allows your mind to work improved.

My favourite three foods to increase would include things like:

  1. Plain, whole-excess fat Greek yogurt – filled with probiotics to assist recover the digestive tract
  2. Kombucha (make sure you get in Raw sort) – fermented beverage that is also filled with probiotics
    1. This might consider some acquiring made use of to….but adhere with it. You’ll uncover that the taste grows on you and the overall health added benefits are remarkable.
  3. Apples – specially Granny Smith
    1. Loaded with pectin, a fiber that’s healing to your digestive tract

Brain Health

In purchase to decrease the hazard of anxiety and panic, it’s crucial that you have optimum generation of three vital neurotransmitters. These are dopamine, gamma aminobutyric acid (much more typically acknowledged as GABA), and serotonin.

As I stated earlier mentioned, concerning the value of blood sugar regulation, cortisol performs a vital function. And, it performs a critical purpose below, also. Elevated amounts of cortisol can lower degrees of dopamine, GABA, and serotonin.

This is significant to have an understanding of due to the fact one of the crucial roles of dopamine is to permit your mind to come to feel pleasure. If you really don’t have sufficient dopamine, it is difficult to experience any pleasure….but unfortunately, it’s effortless to sense pressure and nervousness.

However it is a neurotransmitter, serotonin is generally called the ‘happy hormone’ and decreases the chance of developing melancholy. On the other hand, if worry is depleting your concentrations of serotonin, worry, anxiety, and despair stages all enhance.

GABA is generally imagined of as the ‘anti-anxiety’ neurotransmitter. When you have optimum stages, you are ready to correctly offer with stressors and not drop into an nervous state. On the other hand, if GABA stages drop, nervousness stages can go way up.

Now that we comprehend the part of dopamine, serotonin, and GABA in anxiety and anxiety, let’s discuss about the meals you can consume to make improvements to the creation of these crucial neurotransmitters.


  • Inexperienced tea – prosperous in theanine
  • Pumpkin seeds – abundant in tyrosine and tryptophan
  • Eggs – prosperous in choline


  • Eggs – rich in choline
  • Pumpkin seeds – wealthy in tryptophan and tyrosine
  • Turkey – loaded in tryptophan


  • Sluggish-cooked meats – yay for crockpots
  • Bone broth – easy to make at property – yay for crockpots
  • Eggs – abundant in choline
  • And, here’s some bonus information: GABA can also be synthesized in the gut by useful bacteria. Eating fermented meals that are wealthy in probiotics can assist to improve GABA degrees. Are not you glad I mentioned the function of digestive health previously in this weblog?


So, what are the items we know, for guaranteed? We definitely can not do everything about what the media broadcasts to us all…..but we can transform off the television set. We simply cannot make tension go away….but we can nourish our bodies to allow us to efficiently deal with the anxiety.

You can see that the meals I have described previously mentioned are most frequent and conveniently accessible. There won’t be significantly tweaking that you will want to do to make improvements to your pressure and nervousness concentrations. And that, in and of itself, should really assistance to decrease your strain concentrations. 😊

If the thought of developing nourishing foods adds to your stress stage, be sure to request out the help of a holistic nutrition therapist. They are experienced at determining the meals that will provide you with the best health benefits for your distinct wants.

Straightforward Breakfast Yogurt

Below is a very basic recipe for you to use to lessen your worry amounts and boost digestive health, starting nowadays.

digestive health yogurt with blueberries on top in a brown ceramic bowl on a white kitchen towel

Serves 1

6-8 ounces simple, entire-body fat Greek yogurt

1/4C blueberries – with its’ own set of brain-boosting powers

1-2 tbs pumpkin seeds

½ – 1 tsp cocoa powder – with its’ personal established of mind-boosting powers

¼ – ½ tsp cinnamon

½-1 tsp maple syrup – optional

Combine all ingredients and delight in

If you want an even easier breakfast, grab two challenging-boiled eggs and 1-2 tbs pumpkin seeds.

Make positive you appreciate possibly breakfast with a great glass of heat green tea. There are quite a few tea possibilities to pick from.

Your mind will thank you, as your tension and nervousness starts to soften absent.


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