Physicochemical of Water in Pantal River,Dagupan City Ep 1

Physicochemical of Water in Pantal River,Dagupan City Ep 1

Vipulendiran, A., Vemula,D.P., Ahamed,R., and Hasan,S., Bachelor of Science in Biology, Department of Purely natural Sciences, School of Arts and Sciences, Lyceum Northwestern University, Tapuac District, Dagupan.

Physicochemical of Water in Pantal River

            Drinking water means are crucial in all ecosystems and human growth. However, with extensive array of human functions and more than exploitation of the resources that we have, our pure methods are slowly but surely remaining polluted, amid the methods, that is why it is suggested to continually check out the situations of these organic assets among the which is our water source.

Investigation to analyse the physicochemical traits of the drinking water in Pantal River

The exploration was conducted to analyse the physicochemical qualities of the water in Pantal River, which incorporates the investigation of the following parameters:Salinity, Temperature, pH, Biological Oxygen Desire, Dissolved Oxygen, Turbidity, Overall Dissolved solids, Amount of money of Ammonia, Phosphate, Nitrite focus on the distinct stations together the extend of the a fore-described river.

On top of that, it also establishes the sizeable big difference of the physicochemical traits of the River in just the 5 stations. Experimental technique working with random systematicsamplingdesign and Purposive sampling was employed in the examine. Random systematic sampling style and design was utilised in identifying the physicochemical characteristics of the Pantal River though Purposive sampling was utilised in figuring out the stations of the river.

Sample drinking water was collected in the 5 stations picked by the researcher where station I is found at the Again of the NBI workplace, Station II is Behind Guadis Elementary Faculty, Station III is guiding Dagupan Electric Corporation(DECORP), Station IV is powering Air Resolution Emission Heart, and Station V is at the rear of Lyceum – Northwestern College Normal Substantial university Building.

All stations have 100 meters length involving every other. 1 litre drinking water samples which ended up gathered from distinctive stations were appropriately collected and was brought to the Limnology Office of the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Means (BFAR) in BonuanBinloc, Dagupan City for the identification of the physicochemical characteristics of the water. Info collected from the experiment was analysed using 1-way – Investigation of Variance (ANOVA) as its statistical tool.

 Physicochemical parameters   

Primarily based on the effects supplied by BFAR, the imply values are located for the physicochemical parameters. (29.06oC) Temperature, (7.9)pH, (4.5 mg/l) Dissolved Oxygen,  (26 NTU) Turbidity, (560.20 mg/l) Total hardness, (20.73mg/l) Total suspended Solids,(3.85 mg/l) Biological Oxygen Demand, (.135mg/L) Phosphate, (.513 mg/l) Nitrite and (.22 mg/l) Ammonia are the physicochemical parameters of Pantal river water.ANOVA gave the computed f benefit as .046.

From the ANOVA, it was concluded that there is no substantial big difference in between the physicochemical qualities of the drinking water in the five stations for the reason that effects confirmed that the physicochemical characters are beneath limit as recommended by Earth Health Corporation (WHO) and Indian Council of Clinical Study (ICMR) where as many others are not. The values do not vary from stations.


Episode 2 Investigate to analyse the physicochemical features of the water in Pantal River