No-Bake Vegan Key Lime Pie Bites

No-Bake Vegan Key Lime Pie Bites

Sweet and zesty key lime pie bites taste like your favorite seasonal dessert with no baking required! These healthy vegan bites are gluten-free, high-protein, and have no added sugar.

No-Bake Vegan Key Lime Pie Bites

As much as I love chocolate and peanut butter-flavored desserts, fruity treats have a special place in my heart. Especially when they involve lime or lemon.

So when I found out my favorite protein bar company, No Cow, was releasing a seasonal KEY LIME PIE BAR, I knew I would love it!

No-Bake Vegan Key Lime Pie Bites

I was not wrong. 😉

No Cow’s First FROSTED Bar

You’ve heard me rave about No Cow’s new CHOCOLATE DIPPED Bars…they are absolutely delicious. Well, if you tried those and were impressed, let me introduce you to their new (and first!) FROSTED BAR.

No-Bake Vegan Key Lime Pie Bites

The new Key Lime Pie Protein Bar from No Cow has everything you love about their classic protein bars:

  • gluten-free
  • vegan
  • packed with plant-based protein
  • no added sugar

…but it’s frosted with INCREDIBLE vegan white chocolate and tastes like classic key lime pie! If you’re a fan of that zesty, sweet summer dessert, this bar may be your new favorite!!

In true Healthy Helper fashion, I tried the bars and was instantly inspired to do some recipe creation with them. 😉

The result was the EPIC No-Bake Key Lime Pie Bites I am sharing today. 🙂

No-Bake Vegan Key Lime Pie Bites

These easy-to-make pie bites have a zesty key lime and sweet graham cracker-like bottom layer thanks to the No Cow bars with a creamy caramelly top layer made from a combination of date syrup, cinnamon almond butter, cashews, and lime juice.

No-Bake Vegan Key Lime Pie Bites

These no-bake bites are:

  • vegan
  • gluten-free
  • no added sugar
  • packed with protein, thanks to No Cow!
  • perfect for warm weather months or when you’re craving a cool, creamy no-bake treat

…and absolutely DELICIOUS!!

No-Bake Vegan Key Lime Pie Bites

These make a great post-workout snack or after-dinner treat.

Grab the recipe and make it for yourself!

No-Bake Vegan Key Lime Pie Bites


No-Bake Vegan Key Lime Pie Bites


Place 8 aluminum muffin tins into a muffin pan. Crumble the halved bars into the muffin tins and press down to form an even layer. In a Vitamix, combine cashews (drain them first!), date syrup, nut butter, and lime juice. Blend until smooth.

Divide the cashew mixture evenly among the 8 muffin tins and spread so that it’s evenly distributed in each tin. Sprinkle bites with coconut. Place in the freezer for at least two hours to firm. Let sit out for 5 minutes before eating for the first time. After that, store them in the fridge for up to 5 days!

Did you make this recipe?

No-Bake Vegan Key Lime Pie Bites

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  1. Thanks for sharing at the What’s for Dinner party!! Hope your week is going great.

  2. Thanks for sharing at the What’s for Dinner party! Hope your weekend is going great.

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