How Best to Maintain a Facelift

How Best to Maintain a Facelift

I am 62 many years old and had a deal with raise 2 yrs back. I use fillers for quantity. My skin is smooth and no cost of sunlight problems. I have a facial with RF cure just about every 3 months. What procedures should really I be utilizing to manage the benefits of the lift?

Pretty superior concern and somewhat personal. But, there are some normal rules to believe about.

The appearance of youth is equated with strength and vigor in our lifestyle. This is a little bit nuts of training course, but a actuality. So it would make feeling to me to preserve when we can.

The 4 facial attributes of youth are:

  1. Suitable Volume (bone and excess fat)
  2. A Robust Dermis (deeper layer of pores and skin)
  3. Drape/Elasticity
  4. Surface area High-quality (epidermis)

For a younger particular person:

  1. The volume is dispersed ordinarily in an inverse triangle with the wider section throughout the brow and temples, and narrower at the chin. The excess fat in the temples and upper cheeks provide elevate and bones are sturdy
  2. The skin above the bones and excess fat has a thick dermis with a ton of collagen, and excellent circulation
  3. The pores and skin drapes instantly more than the current quantity with great elasticity and no sagging.
  4. The epidermis (area) is even in color, has a somewhat translucent top quality and number of or no wrinkles.

So if this is our objective (within just rationale), then here’s what you may possibly want to consider about:

  1. Is your volume with fillers or Sculptra (technically a collagen stimulator) nicely proportioned to your experience, not too heavy in the cheeks, not rigid when your experience moves, and does it recreate your more youthful volume? Do you will need augmentation in the temples? Specialists only on that make sure you. Blindness can consequence if this isn’t carried out accurately.
  2. Protecting a thick dermis necessitates a depth of RF that most superficial treatments just can’t give. I love the concept of your facials which will help the extra superficial section of the dermis, but you might want something like Profound the moment each and every year or two to actually concentrate on the deeper dermis. There is “downtime” with this.
  3. If there is a good deal of sagging on the lessen experience and neck, both a facelift (which you’ve had), or a series (3-4) of the deep RF like Profound (need 500-600 pulses for each treatment method) will make a difference (when done correctly) and create a facial area-raise like result. Some clients can not have a FL for clinical factors, or just really don’t want just one.
  4. The outer layer (epidermis).  There are many possibilities for this like Fraxel Dual, CO2, BBL/IPL, or a collection of mild peels if you do not have a great deal sun hurt. A good home care program is critical. Acquire a look at my AM and PM skin regimen. My vote for somebody in their 60’s is a mild CO2, about 3-4 times downtime, once a year to refresh the epidermis if servicing is only the intention.


I hope this helps,

Brandith Irwin, MD