Health Benefits Of Palakkadan Matta Rice

Health Benefits Of Palakkadan Matta Rice

The Palakkadan Matta Rice also recognized as Rosematta Rice is a person of the most famous rice types from Kerala that has been awarded a GI (Geographical Indication) tag. Mattan rice thrives in the Palakkad region’s black cotton soil and humid weather. While rice is very well-acknowledged for its unique flavour and texture, it is also remarkably valued for its overall health gains.

The par-boiling of rice makes certain that the dietary values are retained much more correctly than other forms of rice. This fluffy rice, with its rose-colored hue and unique texture (you can effortlessly separate one particular morsel from the other), is evidently an obtained flavor. It goes effectively with meat dishes and is an vital component of a common Kerala Sadya or vegetarian festive food.

Below are some of the effectively-recognised gains of Palakkadan Matta Rice:

Health Benefits Of Palakkadan Matta Rice


Aside from its all-natural flavour, the presence of purple pericarp in this rice is nicely-acknowledged for its dietary benefit. The healthier outer masking of a rice grain is regarded as the pericarp. When polished rice types are ground out to look shiny and cleanse, they eliminate this beneficial layer. This nutritional outer covering is retained by Kerala crimson rice or Matta rice. As a result, consuming Matta rice can support meet the body’s dietary requirements.

Finest Source of Magnesium

Matta rice is significant in magnesium as well. Magnesium is a important macromineral that is demanded for very good health and fitness each day. It is concerned in various enzymatic reactions in your entire body, and a deficiency of it can final result in a assortment of wellness challenges.
Half a cup of Matta rice consists of practically 42 g of magnesium. Magnesium is essential for superior wellbeing for a assortment of motives, like assisting in nerve sign transmission and avoiding coronary heart disease and osteoporosis.

Lessen Risk of Diabetic issues

Kind 2 Diabetic issues is just one of the most prevalent extensive-term conditions afflicting a lot of people, which includes kids. Mainly because of morbidity, uncontrolled Style 2 Diabetes can have a destructive effect on one’s excellent of everyday living. However, matta rice efficiently treats this by avoiding the development of insulin resistance and maximizing ideal glucose uptake.

Satisfies Your Day-to-day Fiber Need

Matta rice fulfills your every day fibre need, which aids digestion. Since it is high in fibre, it aids in the appropriate performing of our digestive procedure.


Matta rice has a a lot greater calcium written content than white rice. Through the sharpening system, white rice loses the bulk of its critical vitamins. Calcium is regarded as an important nutritive aspect at all levels of existence. A calcium-abundant eating plan is crucial for childhood development, muscle operate, bone well being, and robust teeth. Palakkadan matta rice, also identified as Kerala pink rice, aids in the everyday calcium prerequisite and guards in opposition to burdensome disorders this kind of as osteoporosis and weakened bones.

Lowers Higher Blood Tension

Purple Matta rice, with its significant fibre information and very low glycemic index, can support you lower your blood strain indirectly. One of the leads to of hypertension is a proclivity to overeat. Matta rice helps you remain match by offering a sense of early fullness, making it possible for you to manage and, to some extent, manage your hypertension!

Resource of Natural vitamins A & B

Matta rice also provides additional vitamins and minerals to your eating plan. Its nutrient-dense coat is higher in Vitamin A and some forms of Vitamin B. These are crucial for retaining numerous of your body’s methods and dwelling a wholesome lifestyle.

Not Just Carbs

Par-boiling this rice helps to keep the nutrition, so you can relaxation straightforward understanding that your final meal was a lot more than just carbs. Pick out unpolished Matta rice to take gain of the outstanding gains hidden in the outer coating of these rice grains.

Slows Absorption of Carbs.

The superior fibre material boosts its anti-diabetic qualities by slowing carbohydrate absorption. This assists to regulate the blood sugar spike that usually follows a superior-sugar, small-fibre meal.

Taking into consideration all of these strengths, 1 can conclude that Matta rice not only enhances meals flavours but also presents a quantity of health rewards.