Choosing a Medifast Lean and Green Meal While Eating Out at a Restaurant

Choosing a Medifast Lean and Green Meal While Eating Out at a Restaurant

People often ask me if it’s possible to comply with the medifast diet while eating out or going to restaurants. This is most certainly possible. The key to this is really understanding the requirements of the foods and of the diet. And, one of the easiest times to eat out on medifast is during the time of day when you typically eat your “lean and green meal.”

If you’re not familiar with this plan, the “lean and green meal” is the one meal that you plan and prepare for each day. (All of your other meals are prepackaged and are provided to you.) You can eat this larger, main meal whenever you like. But, many people find it easier to take this meal at dinner time. However, if you’re wanting to go to a restaurant, it can make things easier and more convenient just to plan to have your “lean and green” then. But, if you’re going that route, you’ll need to understand the guidelines of this meal to help you chose the best, most appropriate things to order off of the menu. I will discuss this more in the following article.

The Requirements Of Medifast’s “Lean And Green Meal” And How You Can Comply With This At Restaurants: First, it’s important to understand that this meal is made up of varying amounts of lean protein and three servings of low glycemic vegetables. The amount of protein that you can have depends on which type of protein that you chose. Mostly, you will always want to chose lean protein. But, for example, if you choose less lean meats like beef, lamb or pork, then you are allowed to have a bit less of it. For these meats, you are limited to about five ounces. This isn’t too bad though. Sure, it’s probably ill advised to have a huge porterhouse steak and think you’re still in compliance, but having lean beef in a stir fry is usually going to be just fine.

And, if you chose a leaner cut of meat (or a vegetarian option) then you will be allowed to eat more of it. For example, if you chose a leaner type of protein like chicken, turkey, or fish, then you’re allowed two more ounces of protein (or up to seven ounces.) Either way, you’re looking at a piece of protein that is about the size of your fist.

So, you can have this as either a piece of meat or protein with vegetables on the side, or you can have this in a stir fry, soup, or skillet type of meal. Many restaurants can easily accommodate this. And, many have special parts of the menu that are dedicated to healthful meals. You’ll just want to steer clear of heavy or sweet sauces and dressings. And, you’ll want to have any dressings or toppings on the side so that you can control how much you are actually getting. Plus, if you’re eating at a restaurant that offers extremely generous servings, then you’ll just want to save the excess for later.

You can even usually comply with the “lean and green” requirement at fast food restaurants. Many offer salads with chicken and dark leafy green lettuces or spinach. Some offer stir fries or soups. Sure, you probably shouldn’t go overboard on the croutons or bacon, but eggs, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, mushrooms, and the like can easily fit within the medifast diet. It’s not at that hard to accomplish this, and even if you fall slightly short, you will still likely be taking in a far lower amount of calories than what would be typical of you if you weren’t on a diet, which already puts you ahead of the game.