Belly Burner Review

Belly Burner Review

As far as As Seen On TV products go, the Belly Burner has to be the perfect product. It identifies one of the most excruciating issues facing people and offers a simple solution. If it works, millions of units will be sold and America will be fit as fiddle. What could be more perfect?

First I have to say that when I saw the Belly Burner commercial I was very skeptical but the manufacturer was careful not to make too many outrageous claims. The premise makes sense if you listen carefully and avoid the statuesque fitness models from the ad. The idea is that heating up the bodies core temperature will speed up metabolism and burn more calories during workouts.

The above statement is very important. As opposed to my initial hopes and dreams, the belly burner does not claim to work out for you. You cannot just put it on and melt away the pounds. So this As Seen On TV product is not a miracle, but that doesn’t mean it won’t work. The Belly Burner Commercial clearly states this workout belt is to be worn during exercise and will enhance your results.

Having said that, I think the Belly Burner, again if it works, is a cool thing. If I can slap it on and go for a walk, jog or run and burn more calories doing so, then it is worth the money. I looked for it, but could not find the Belly Burner in stores so I ordered online and got and took advantage of the 30 day trial offer. The offer states that you get the ab belt for 30 days for only the $7.95 shipping and handling cost and if not completely satisfied, then you can return it but have to eat the $7.95. Now, I know what you are saying. “Has anyone ever been completely satisfied with As Seen On TV exercise equipment?” Well, the answer is yes. If you have high hopes but reasonable expectations, you can find products which will work for you. I’m living proof.

So keep that in mind as I review the product because unlike the wild late night ads, I look for products that help me get in shape better than if I hadn’t used them at all. I had high hopes for Belly Burner and after using it for a few weeks can say this. I certainly felt some heat in the area under my belt.

I was not able to substantiate if my metabolism increased because I wore it but I suspect that I actually was more diligent in my workout because of it’s presence. I will say that wearing while doing exercises that require a lot of bending and lifting was a bit uncomfortable so I would recommend wearing during aerobic activity mostly.

I decided to keep it around because it was not an expensive item and my body reacted pretty much the way the commercial said it would. I have to report that I’m not overweight and only have about 1.5 inches to “pinch” in my waistline so I did not have a bunch of weight to lose. So for that reason I’m not here to say that the Belly Burner was a miracle for me but it could very well have helped me.

My recommendation is that if wearing this ab belt encourages you to work out harder and longer then it will benefit you. If you expect to put it on and wear it as a back support and hope that it will burn calories as you sit in front of the computer then it is not for you.

Like most As Seen On TV products, the Belly Burner comes as part of a program to increase the benefit of buying it. In this case, celebrity trainer Bobby Waldron gets you pumped up for the belt by giving you a calorie counter and a special workout DVD to help you maximize your benefits. The program is called the Blazing Abs DVD and it’s pretty challenging. The food journal is something that I could do without but the whole package tells me that if eat right and exercise you will get results from the Belly Burner. If putting on the belt helps you do that, then by all means consider buying the product.