Be Where Your Hands Are

Be Where Your Hands Are

Confession: I have a ridiculously tricky time remaining in the present moment. So considerably so I’m producing this blog submit and pondering about what new recipe I can share with you guys’ subsequent 7 days. And if my youngsters have gloves and hats in their school lockers since it’s a minimal chilly with outdoor recess now. GAH. Existing Instant KATHERINE!

Present moment: Auto line with Massive Mac!

I are inclined to concentrate on the earlier, which I know I simply cannot adjust. Then I start out considering about and fearing for the long run, and I just cannot do something about that possibly. So what else is there to do?

Be where your fingers are….

When I get into these psychological spaces, concentrating on in which my palms are DOES help convey me into truth. What’s happening at this very next. Crafting this. Connecting with you. Sipping on scorching coffee. Focusing on this assumed- remaining exactly where my hands are- will help ground me and deliver notice to what seriously issues.

But much more than focusing on where my fingers are, I change to God in prayer and request for assist. Help turning off feelings about the past, the foreseeable future, about various matters in the current moment that do not genuinely make a difference. Irrespective of what I’m undertaking or considering, I consider God is with me. And desires what’s best for me and my kids.

1 of my beloved weekly “moments,” Sunday dinner and/or lunch with my mother and father.

God, continually display me the Current, no make any difference what comes my way. Assistance me to continue to be in the minute to realize you there with me. Show me how to give the reward of each and every instant to others, specifically my young children.