3 Wrong Answers to Common Skin Treatment Questions

3 Wrong Answers to Common Skin Treatment Questions

Myths, legends, and witchcraft should really be still left to fantasy guides, they have no position when it arrives to your pores and skin, in fact, some of them can even be hazardous to your skin.

 When it will come to expert skin treatment method, there are a several uncertainties that I’d like to clear up so that it can assist you have a much better comprehending of your pores and skin remedy but very first I’m going to toss in a couple wrong answers just to see if you can explain to the lie from the legit. 


1. “What is Profhilo?”

  1. Profhilo cure is a pores and skin booster cure.
  2. Profhilo does a equivalent work to a wrinkle filler.
  3. Profhilo treatment is a new group of injectable.

Nurse Natalia, from our St. Albans pores and skin clinic, tells us:

 “C is the suitable answer. Profhilo is a groundbreaking ‘beneath the skin’ hyaluronic acid moisturising procedure that stimulates a method in just the skin identified as ‘bioremodelling’. This process assists to boost symptoms of skin ageing and laxity, while providing your skin a super boost of hydration. This pores and skin remedy is all about strengthening skin excellent and helping you to strengthen pores and skin texture.”

You can browse extra about Profhilo here.


2. “What know-how does Thermage skin tightening treatment method use?”

  1. Laser
  2. Radio Frequency
  3. It’s an injectable therapy

Nurse and MD of our pores and skin tightening clinic in Hertfordshire, Jane, tells us: 

“Thermage is a pretty impressive radio frequency machine, so B is the correct remedy listed here. The most remarkable point for me as a practitioner, and as the prior coach for Thermage, is that we can address ON the eyelids, not just all over the eyes which is what most skin treatments can present. Mainly because Thermage is this kind of a effective pores and skin tightening remedy it only calls for a one session, relatively than a course and it can be employed on both equally the encounter and physique to business and tighten skin that is sagging and exhibiting indications of ageing.”

You can browse much more about the Thermage procedure in this article.


3. “What kind of melasma treatment method is accessible?’

  1. You can deal with melasma with specified laser remedies, chemical peels and prescription skincare.
  2. You can handle melasma just the identical as other varieties of hyperpigmentation.
  3. Melasma simply cannot be treated.

Nurse Natalia, Melasma-guide at our skin clinic in Hertfordshire tells us: 

“A is the correct remedy to this concern. Melasma certainly can be handled, sadly, there is no remedy, but you can productively cut down and regulate the signs or symptoms. 

Even though Melasma is a form of hyperpigmentation, it is driven by hormones, so we deal with it in another way from other types. Although we have the proper lasers to treat melasma we selected not to due to the fact they can in fact make melasma worse. Instead, we opt for to use the Obagi nu-derm program to deal with it. If we truly feel that it is suitable, we will increase the pores and skin therapy with a mild, anti-inflammatory chemical peel. 

As effectively as dealing with our shoppers for this concern, I have melasma myself, so I definitely know the influence it can have on your confidence. My most significant idea to any individual with melasma is to use solar cream every day, if possible 30SPF or in excess of, and prevent tanning your skin as this will make your melasma more apparent.”

 You can read a lot more about melasma, what causes it, if it can get worse, and other FAQs listed here

Learn much more about the Obagi nu-derm pores and skin procedure here.


How lots of of individuals solutions did you guess the right way?

Disclaimer: This blog is not to be applied for diagnostic reasons. We are all unique which signifies that our benefits, restoration and suitability for any variety of remedy will fluctuate. Always seek out the assistance of a specialist should you have any wellbeing or cosmetic issues or to focus on treatment plans specifically for you.